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We invite you to EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE of Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd.


While Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd is a new name among Fire Protection Companies, our Senior Management team is industry veterans who have launched and grown other highly successful fire protection companies in Maldives. Our experience and product knowledge is therefore second to none in the industry. Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd. is a member of National Fire Protection Agency (NFPA).


Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd, unlike bigger brands our Senior Management team works in the business, which means direct and personal contact with decision makers. At Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd, during business hours you won’t be leaving a message with a call centre.


Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd, designs, supplies, installs, services, maintains and certifies all your Fire system needs. We have technical expertise in the fire engineering industry combined with integrity and great customer service. This combination brings value to your business. Mainly we provide services such as Fire Risk Assessment, Designing of Fire Safety System and Fire Protection System Installation. For more information on our services, please view our company profile attached with this email.


Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd currently engaged with designing of Fire Line Design K. Funadhoo (STO Fuel DC) where the country's Fuel reserve is located. Our scope includes designing the Fire Line DesignFire Protection and Alarm System Design and Lightning Protection System designing. We completed replacing the existing Fire Alarm System at Fen Building with Male Water and Sewerage Company (MWSC).


Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd, through our partners, has partnered with world leading brands such us, MxPro and Axis and Ravel from United Kingdom,Thomas Glover of UK, MESA of Spain, Safety Hi-Tech of Italy for Fire Suppression Systems, Amerex Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems,Fomtec from Sweden and Bristol of United Arab Emirates. Some of our esteemed partners include Bristol Fire Engineering of United Arab Emirates and Halchem Lanka Pvt Ltd of Sri Lanka.


When it comes to technology, Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd uses only state of the art Fire Protection systems and intelligence.


To Service and Maintain your Fire Protection Equipment to a level that will meet and exceed your expectations. Furthermore, we guarantee you, our customer, the security of our experience in the Fire Protection Industry backed by our highly skilled, technical staff who all have a passion for the industry.

We look forward to exceeding your expectations!

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