A Message from MD

It gives me a great pleasure and I am honored to give my message as Managing Director of Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd.

The past few years have been tremendous for our company, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our staff who are the driving force in our continued growth and expansion. A few years ago when other contestants in the Fire Engineering industry tried building larger and more diverse organization under a single name, we took the opposite road. We were certain that smaller operations independent from each other and ultra-specialized in their field would make a difference. We were right. This method has allowed us to build strong brands where dedicated teams have more in-depth knowledge and effectiveness than anybody else in the industry.

We are now a business leader with many different areas, respected by our peers and clients and we are still growing. Some view the Fire Engineering industry as ‘risky’, ‘borderline’, or even ‘immoral’. We view the Fire, Safety and Rescue industry as indispensable if one is to succeed in a globalized world.

We realized from day one what is lacking in the fire engineering industry in Maldives, in particular. No one consider standards as important as we do. Thereby we ensure the utmost safety in any industry. For this purpose we harness the resources from the western world who invested heavily on research and development. Therefore our product range and services have been recognized not only in Maldives but also globally.

I am excited to see the difference that Firepro Maldives Pvt Ltd is making in the fire engineering industry, diving industry and environmental and look forward to greater contributions in the years a head. For us to achieve this we have been receiving unconditional support from our valuable customers, principal suppliers and entire staff from day one.

I wish all of them the best.

Our Principal Suppliers